Elena Fedorova is a multi-talented writer. She writes poems and songs, as well as short stories, novels, and tales for children and adults. The distinctive feature of all her works is the lucid style of the story-telling.
Each book offers the reader many fascinating stories about the eternal and the mundane matters, about good and evil, about the all-conquering Power of Love.

Elena Fedorova's books have an amazing ability to bewitch and captivate. They entice the readers from the very fist page and do not release them until the final pianissimo chord is heard... And then one wants to start over from the beginning, to plunge into the world of happiness and dreams, into those unknown countries that each of us wants to find.

The main mystery, the main secret of Elena's solitary confrontation with all massive, cliched and thrice-told, lies in the fact that it is impossible to imitate the «incredible simplicity» of her «songs of the soul,» just as it is impossible to repeat the rhythm of someone else's heart muscle.