Fedorova Elena was born Oct. 29, to a family of military doctor in the village of Ugolniye Kopi (Coal Mines), Magadan Region, Russia.

Since 1965 lives in Lobnya, Moscow Region. Finished secondary school № 22 (3); Polytechnic of Lenin; international cabin crew courses at Sheremetyevo Airport; University of Marxism-Leninism; International «School of Tomorrow» teachers course; the All-union Correspondence People's University of Arts; courses in English and Spanish.

Worked as international airline flight attendant for thirteen years. Taught English at a private school. Served as an actress in the «Puppets and People» theater.
Led numerous literary and musical evenings. Supervised children's drama school, participating in theater festivals «Russian Classics» in 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2003; awarded a letter of gratitude «For selfless devotion to promoting theatrical art» from the State Duma deputy A. Baskaev in 2003.

Since 2001, has worked as the television journalist at Lobnya Information Agency; has written scripts for children's plays. Has been the author and host of literary and musical soirees: «Lobnia's women are beautiful like ice gulls», «I will sing poems to you until midnight», «Spring. Happiness. Silence.», «Anniversary sky rhymes», «Season of the leaf-fall», etc.

In 2008 Lobnya city's Mayor awarded Elena with the Honorary Certificate «For the best TV news report on the working man» and the letter of gratitude «For great contribution to the cultural development of the city.» She was also awarded the letter of gratitude «For informational support» from Aeroflot Russian Airlines.

Creative Work

Elena Fedorova has published more than 40 books, of which three have been translated into English and are on display in the Poets House in NYC. Currently Elena has published about 200 stories, 100 novels, 20 novellettes, more than 200 songs, and over two thousand poems. She has also directed the documentary film «Rendezvous with Lobnya.»


As a director, Elena has 11 works: stage plays «Delphine» (on the works of Gianni Rodari), «Play, sing about, o friends!..» (on the works of A. Pushkin), «Teffi» (on the works of N. Teffi), «It's really not a shame to laugh» (on the works of A. Averchenko, A. Buhov, and N. Teffi), «I'm so happy» (on the works of Anton Chekhov), «Reading and Writing» (on the works of Eduard Uspensky).
By Elena Fedorova's scripts – «Argument among vegetables», «New Year's adventure in City of Dreamers», «Magical transformation», «Autumn Symphony», and «Dreams of the Pearl Butterfly.»

Elena Fedorova participated in such contests as the «Literary Vienna»; the fiction contest, the «Russian fables» contest, and the minstrelsy tournament. Her poems have been published in poem collections (patchworks) «Under the wing of a seagull» (1999), «Collection of poems about Lobnya» (2002 and 2007), «Anthology of a single poem» (2004), the almanac «Moscow Parnassus» (2004), the poem book «On the Threshold of the 21st Century» (2004), poetry collection «Look around on your winged way», dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Aeroflot Russian Airlines (2008).